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10.-13.10. 2023

International Engineering Fair



Company KIMLA is unique producer of CNC machines in Poland. We design and produce efficient and fast CNC machines which are stable and easy to operate. As a company we have achieved the leading position in our industry through our creative projects, effectiveness of action and impressive dynamics of development.

Our position has been also complimented by our friendly and respectful attitude towards customers, whose satisfaction and contentment is the primary goal of any project we take on board. We continue to advance by accepting cutting edge projects where our experience of 25 years in the industry prove valuable whilst also thinking outside the box to create and develop new methods and technologies to improve on our solid background platform. Kimla company has produced and installed more than 3500 CNC machies.

Booth No 025, Pavilion P

There is possibility to see the fastes 12kW fiber laser cutting machine, based on linear motors and equiped by CNC controller which include CAM/CAD/Nesting functions in one software. These machines have very high dynamics due thanks to unique patented „System of dynamics analyse“ which allows to use full potentioal of fiber laser technology.


Date: 28 Oct 2021 08:45:00

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