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10.-13.10. 2023

International Engineering Fair



The company LORSEL STROJEVI d.o.o. was founded in 2011 in Zagreb, Croatia, and from the very beginning is focused on the service and sale of machines and tools in the metal industry, especially in sheet metal processing. Cooperation with the best companies in the production of metalworking machines and finding the best technological solutions to our customers have brought the company to a leading position in the Adria region.

To the International Engineering Fair we are coming for the first time as exhibitors. We will represent our product Slag Hog, originated from USA, made by manufacturer SlatPro. Slag Hog is a tool for cleaning slag on fiber and co2 lasers, suitable for all worldwide known manufacturers of the laser cutting machines. Thanks to this tool you can remove the accumulated slag on the laser table thoroughly in less than 20 minutes.


The grilles can be cleaned in both directions as well as in hard-to-reach places between them, which results in exceptional cleanliness. 

Perform cleaning from one side of cutting bed with a single operator because it is easy to handle.

Cleaning on a regular basis guarantees a longer lifespan of your laser and SLAG HOG gives you back your money in a short time.


Date: 2 Nov 2021 10:14:00

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