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10.-13.10. 2023

International Engineering Fair

Lupamat compressor


Having operated in the compressed air industry for more than 53 years and being the pioneer of many innovations therein, Lupamat first started to manufacture reciprocating compressors in 1968.

Having expanded its product portfolio in the following years, Lupamat started to manufacture screw compressors, oil-free reciprocating compressors, booster compressors, scroll compressors, gasoline compressors and finally 40 bar high-pressure compressors.

Joining the Dirinler Family in 2000, Lupamat made a significant progress in its production quality thanks to its cooperation with other companies within the group.

Dirinler, which was founded in 1952 by A.Cemal Dirin, our Honorary President, within our group organization, with a soul purpose of repair and maintenance for used hydraulic presses in the country. Manufacturing eccentric-hyraulic presses by "Dirinler Makina", manufacturing custom made customer specific CNC lathes, CNC machining centers and multi-purpose CNC machines by "Dirinler Sanayi Makinaları" and heavily aimed wind energy sector exportation towards cast iron importation by "Dirinler Döküm" are the group companies that are readily available, at work, within our organization.

In addition to the work carried out together by dynamic teammates who are experts in their fields, the principle of maintaining the quality approach in production and customer satisfaction in service-spare parts delivery times at the highest levels is retained with the attention and care just fit for Turkey's leading compressor company.

With its R&D Center established in July 2018, Lupamat, which is also constantly proactive at the point of new product development, has produced 20-bar oil-free CO2 compressors developed specifically for food and  beverage facilities for the first time in Turkey and has started selling the product to the domestic market and to the foreign market.

Lupamat continues its journey, which started in 1968, with its young, expert and experienced team. The company, continuing its activities with the mission and responsibility of "a family whose past and future is devoted to industry", has always prioritized and will continue with its ideal of supporting and developing domestic production.

Lupamat's main goal is to combine the ambition of work it has inherited from its roots with the energy it receives from its country and to spread the synergy that is formed all across the world. Our company, never ignoring the contribution of local manufacturing to our country, will not ever give up on its determination to engage in domestic production, despite all the difficulties, while keeping up with the conditions of a globalized world.

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