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24.-26.5. 2023

Mezinárodní veletrh obranné a bezpečnostní techniky



Exponát: TATRA PHOENIX 8x8
Výrobce: TATRA TRUCKS a.s.
Vystavovatel: TATRA TRUCKS a.s.
Umístění: Pavilon P, stánek č. 038


Stručná charakteristika exponátu

Tatra Trucks presents the new Tatra Phoenix 8x8 military vehicle with an armored cabin in a version with a container loader, which corresponds to the latest technological trends in the field of military heavy logistics vehicles, which is also characterized by a high degree of durability and crew protection. The armored cabin meets the requirements for ballistic and anti-mine resistance level 3 according to the STANAG 4569 standard, and is thus currently one of the most durable and for the crew the safest cabins currently installed on logistic army vehicles. In addition, the roof of the cabin is modular - it allows the installation of a remote-controlled weapon station, or a circular revolving hatch with the possibility of carrying a weapon. The cabin was developed by the Tatra Defense Vehicle company, which also manufactures it, similarly to the armored cabins for other model lines of Tatra Trucks company. The Military Research Institute in Brno carried out an assessment of the proposed structure and material composition of the cabin skeleton as well as a detailed simulation. As a national certification authority, it also provides all vehicle ballistic and blast testing and subsequent certification.




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